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  Daughter Sells

  Eloc Wagor Kandid "2E95/95MS"
7-4   365d   27,291m   5.4%   1457f   4.1%  1111p
All American Aged Cow, 2014, 2015
Grand Champion, Southeast Nat'l, Eastern National
and International Show

Selling: Cutting Edge GK Kansas ETV
Born: 3/19/17
Sire: BMG Lust Get Lucky ET

Grandam: Eloc Cartoon Kara "3E in Canada"
6-5  365d  26,204m  3.7%  972f  3.5%  915p


Daughter Sells

Dublin Hills Treats
"2E94"  E96  E93  E92  E93  E94
6-10   359d   33,430m  5.0%   1657f   3.7%   1242p
All American 4 Year Old, 2008
All American Component Merit Cow, 2011
Honorable Mention All American 5 Year Old, 2009
Honorable Mention All American Component Merit Cow, 2012
Nominated All Amerian Jr. 3 Year Old, 2007
Nominated All American Aged Cow, 2010
Grand Champion, International Show and Eastern National, 2011
Grand Champion, Eastern National, 2012

Grandam: Dublin-Hills Tweeters "E90"
6-11  356d  28,070m  4.0  1117f  2.9  821p
1st 5 Year Old, Central National, 1999

3rd Dam: Dublin-Hills Tweety "2E90"
7-1  302d  23,280m  4.8  1111f  3.1  727p

4th Dam: Dublin Hills Dotson Deety "VG88"
4-2  305d  25,820m  4.3  1098f   3.8   983p

5th Dam: Towpath Pretus Fran "2E90"
6-11  310d  27,670m  4.7  1311f  3.6  987p
Res. Grand Champion, Maryland State Show, 1997

  Daughter Sells  
  Dublin-Hills Sorina "2E91/91MS"
3-6   377d   25,470m   4.3%   1088f   3.9%   1002p
Reserve All American Sr. 3 Year Old, 2013
Intermediate Champion, Southeast National, 2013
Reserve Intermediate Champion, Internatonal, 2013

Grandam: Dublin-Hills Sonya "2E90"
4-3   365d   22,810m   3.9%   888f   3.6%   812fp

3rd Dam: Dublin-Hills Sasha "4E93/93MS"
12-7   365d   36,320m   4.2%   1527f   3.1%   1142p

7 more generations "Excellent"!!!
From the Snowstorm family

  Daughter Sells  
Voelkers Durango Sasha E91/91MS"
2-0   365d   31,160m   4.0%   1044f   3.3%   1037p
Reserve All American Sr. 3 Yr. Old, 2016
2nd Sr. 3 Year Old, Eastern and International Show, 2016
Grand Champion, New York State Fair, 2016
Grand Champion, Missouri State Fair, 2015

Grandam: SCF Victor Sarine "2E93"
6-9   365d   32,570m   4.3%   1402%   3.2%   1057p

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