Nominated Aged Cow   Nominated Five Year Old
favor   roxanne
CIE Double W Em Favor "2E94/94MS"
3-3  365d  29,410m  4.5  1329f  3.2  941p
5th Aged Cow, International Show
2nd Componenty Merit Cow, Eastern National
All American 4 Year Old, 2015
Honorable Mention 5 Year Old, 2016
Sire: Olson Mel Scip Emergency
Dam: lE Double W Fawn "2E90/90MS"
4-5  365d  3x  25,660m  3.7  949f  3.2  820

  Bittersweet Victor Roxanne ET
4-2  365d  26,780m  4.7  1250f  3.7%  1004p
1st 5 Year Old & Res. Sr. Champ, Eastern Nat'l
5th 5 Year Old, International Show
1st 5 Year Old & Grand Champion,
New York State Fair
Nominated All American
Jr. 2, 2014; Jr. 3 Yr. Old, 2015
Sire: SCF Jet Victor Twin
Dam: VB Point Beam Roxy "VG87/87MS"
4-1  365d  23,310m  4.8  1128f  3.8  888p

Nominated Four Year Old   Nominated Four Year Old
delilah   Sasha
Cutting Edge T Delilah "E93/94MS"
3-4  306d  19,450m  5.0  978f  3.9  766p
2nd & Best Udder 4 Year Old, International
Res. Grand Champion Jr. Show, International
1st 4 Year Old & Grand Champion
Open and Junior Show, Northeast National
All American Sr. 2, 2015; Sr. 3 Yr. Old, 2016
Sire: Cutting Edge Thunder
Dam: Towpath Agenda Dancer "2E92/93MS"
7-2  22,920m  4.5  1028f  3.9  888p
  Voelkers Durango Sasha "2E93/92MS"
2-0  365d  31,160m  4.0  1244f  3.3  1037p
1st 4 Year Old & Res. Grand Champion,
Eastern National
6th 4 Year Old, International Show
Res. All American Sr. 3 Year Old, 2016
Sire: Hilltop Acres G Durango ET
Dam: SCF Victor Sarine "2E93/93MS"
6-9  365d  32,570m  4.3  1402f  3.2  1057p

Nominated Sr. Three Year Old   Nominated Jr. 3 Year Old
Faye   sonny
Cutting Edge Thunder Faye "E91/92MS"
3-6  283d  18,927m  899f  613p  (RIP)
1st & Best Udder Sr. 3 Year Old, Intermediate
& Res. Grand Champion, International Show
2nd Sr. 3 Year Old & Res. Intermediate Champ
Eastern National
All American Sr. 2 Year Old, 2016
Res. All American Fall Calf, 2014
Sire: Cutting Edge Thunder
Dam: Cutting Edge Elite Fayann "E90/90MS"
3-2  301d  21,030m 4.0  831f  3.2  579p

  Cutting Edge B Sonny "E91/90MS"
2-2  359df  21,220m  4.8  1011f  3.8  812P
1st & Best Udder Jr. 3 Year Old,
International Show
1st & Intermediate Champion,
Northeast National
All American Jr. 2 Year Old, 2016
Hon. Mention All American
Spring Calf, 2014; Spring Yearling, 2015
Sire: Mort Legacy Bonanza
Dam: Cutting Edge PS Storm ET "2E92/94MS"
Nominated Sr. 2 Year Old   Nominated Yearling in Milk
ruby   windy
Cutting Edge A Ruby "VG88/89MS"
2-1  252d  19,021m  935f 656p  (RIP)
3rd Sr. 2 Year Old, International Show
1st Sr. 2 Year Old, New York State Fair
All American Fall Calf, 2015; Fall Yearling, 2016
Sire: Cutting Edge W Austin ET
Dam: Cutting Edge Reba Ruth "E90/87MS"
3-1 365d  30,380m  4.3  1313f  3.2  983p

  Blessing Garbro B Windy ET V87/87MS
2-0  106d  6078m  236f  208p  (RIP)
2nd Yearling in Milk, International Show
Sire: Blessing Tex Braiden ET
Dam: Top Acres Garbro Wishes ET "2E92/93MS"
4-8 365d  34,060m  3.9  1313f  3.5  1188p

Nominated Spring Yearling   Nominated Spring Yearling
eavon   truffles
McTaylor Cadence Eavon
1st Spring Yearling, Northeast National
3rd Spring Yearling, International Show
Sire: Shiloh Brookings Cadence ET
Dam: McTaylor Carter Eclipse ET "VG85/85MS"
1-11  305d  3x  23,510m  3.8  602f  2.8  652p

  Cutting Edge B Truffles
2nd Spring Yearling, Eastern National
Sire: Scherma Blooming Biver
Dam: Cutting Edge T Trudy ET "E90/90MS"
2-6  315d  5.1  20,630m  5.1  1048f  3.6  744p

  Nominated Summer Yearling  
  Cutting Edge B Wisteria
1st Summer Yearling, Eastern National
1st Summer Yearling, Northeast National
5th Summer Yearling, International Show
Sire: Scherma Blooming Biver
Dam: Top Acres Peppy Wizella "E91/90MS"
3-0  365d  23,560m  5.0  1176f  4.1  976p

  Nominated Junior Best Three Females  
truffe3 wistera3 kadie3
Cutting Edge B Truffles Cutting Edge B Wisteria
1st, Eastern National
Cutting Edge C Kadie ET
Nominated Senior Best Three Females
sonny delilah faye
Cutting Edge B Sonny

Cutting Edge T Delilah
1st, International Show
Cutting Edge Thunder Faye

And Congrats to those with Elite Bred Nominees . . .

Cutting Edge B Trail ETV
Nominated Winter Yearling
Owned by Laurie Winkelman

Cutting Edge C Kitty ET
Nominated Winter Yearling
Owned by Olivia and Nicholas Love

Cutting Edge V Tory ET
Nominated Jr. 2 Year Old
Owned by Just So Farm